Redbubble T-shirt Printing (Pt.2)

Another one of my designs printed over at Redbubble came out looking fly. Here is a look at the American Apparel t-shirt  with DTG application of inks. For more see my other RB print post here


RedBubble T-shirt Printing (pt.1)

I ordered two of my own designs to see how the printing would turn out because id use a few textures and halftones that i hadnt used before and wanted to make sure anyone who bought it would get something that id be happy to wear. As you can see from this pictures of my FunBalls Tee the print turned out fantastic

Shirt Fight (Mc Nightmare)

Shirt fight is a new community based t-shirt design comp, the first challenge (aka shirtfight) was to come up with a design based on the theme “Junk food before Bedtime” so heres what i did:

a Happy meals before bed, makes you not so happy in the head. Enter McWealthy he gets RICH while you get FAT ((Alarm sounds)) and you wake up in a cold sweat.

Id love a vote

Note: brown, black, orange, red, green, yellow (on white tee) 
or could print on brown or yellow